Interested in more natural speech for System Access, DocuScan Plus and SAMNet? We’ve got some options you may find easy on the ear and even easier on your pocketbook.

Please note these voices can only be purchased by current product owners. Contact our Customer Service staff to learn more about pricing.


From the manufacturer’s website:

“IVONA Software develops and delivers speech synthesis solutions that lead the TTS market in natural voice quality, accuracy, and ease of use. Our products incorporate innovative, leading-edge technologies and customer-driven enhancements that continue to earn awards and recognition by leading industry analysts and organizations, including the annual Blizzard Challenge and ASRNews Speech Accuracy Study.” Learn more.

RealSpeak Solo

Tired of reading with the same old synthetic voices? Looking for a little variety in your text-to-speech? Serotek offers 12 RealSpeak voices optimized for our products. You can choose as many accents and voices as you like, from American and British English, to Australian and Indian English, and even Irish and Scottish. Contact our staff to learn more about this set of high quality voices.

NeoSpeech VoiceText

From the manufacturer’s website:

“NeoSpeech is the fastest growing provider of text-to-speech software and applications for the mobile, enterprise, entertainment and education markets. We offer the highest quality Text-to-Speech converters available today for U.S. English, and all major Asian languages. Our VoiceText TTS software is available in configurations and footprints for a wide range of embedded devices, desktop and network/server applications, making it the most flexible high-quality TTS solution on the market today. We also offer voice animation, and applications in language learning and automatic outbound notification.” Learn more.


Let’s face it. Sometimes the speed of traditional speech synthesizers is hard to give up. ETI-Eloquence is one of the fastest and most responsive text-to-speech engines on the market. Whether you're reading at a leisurely pace or blazing through documents at lightning speed, Eloquence will never lag behind. You can have access to Eloquence on your computers licensed with System Access, your portable U3 thumb drive, and even SA to Go. If you've been looking for a portable and affordable text to speech engine that can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle, you've found it! Talk to our customer service representatives about how you can get your hands on this classic speech engine.