Exciting Update to iBlink Radio!

Serotek is proud to announce an updated version of iBlink Radio for iOS, Android, and now the all new Amazon Fire OS! The latest version of the software that many have called "The Pulse of the Blind Community" is taking Serotek's mission of "Accessibility Anywhere" to an entirely new level to include "accessibility On Any Mobile Device."

Serotek And SPN at this year’s Summer conventions

There’s a lot to be excited for at this year’s NFB and ACB summer conventions, and whether you’re jetting off to Orlando or Vegas to enjoy them in person or you’re experiencing them from the comfort of your own home, Serotek and SPN have got you covered.

Working in Partnerships to Better Serve You

Partnership and collaboration are terms more commonly associated with social causes. Two nonprofit organizations get together, combine their efforts, and deliver better services for their beneficiaries, but at Serotek, a for-profit venture, we’re in the business of working with partners inside and outside of the assistive technology industry to provide you with awesome opportunities.

A Word to Ambassadors

If you haven’t signed up for our Serotek Ambassador’s Club, what’s the holdup? It’s the perfect way to sell the products you already use and love and earn cash while you’re at it. Call us crazy, but that sounds eerily like a win/win for everyone involved. Click on over to the S A C page for all the detes.

In it to Win it: The Easiest Contest you’ll ever enter!

If you’re a current SAMNet or Accessibility Anywhere subscriber, you surely already feel like a winner. But what if your membership in the SAMNet community could be made even better, with a chance to win free stuff?


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