The Return of SPN

Reprinted from SeroTalk.com.

So, what’s the scoop? Is SPN dying a slow death? Well, that’s what skeptics would have you believe, but thank goodness SPN is the intrepid cat that keeps coming back and feeling more than ready to rise to the challenge!

Revving Up for the Road Ahead

Serotek is undergoing some changes to better meet your needs as a digital consumer. The assistive technology industry has been shifting for a while now, and it would be foolish to believe yesterday’s formula will continue to work in today’s age of wearable technology, smart homes, and interconnected media.

Will We See You at CSUN?

Join our very own Ricky Enger and Joe Steinkamp at this year’s CSUN! In addition to the thorough coverage you have come to love and expect, Ricky and Joe will be making two presentations you will not want to miss.

Crowd-sourcing as an Effective Development Strategy in Assistive Technology

Wednesday March 19 - 1:50 PM

Presenting: Joe Steinkamp and Ricky Enger

Location: Torrey Hills AB, 3rd Floor
Seaport Tower

A Word to Ambassadors

If you haven’t signed up for our Serotek Ambassador’s Club, what’s the holdup? It’s the perfect way to sell the products you already use and love and earn cash while you’re at it. Call us crazy, but that sounds eerily like a win/win for everyone involved. Click on over to the S A C page for all the detes.

SPN Special: State of Technology with Mike Calvo

In the latest Mobile Special the Serotek team reflects on the state of technology. Among other things we discuss ebooks, screen readers, and the future direction of Serotek Corp.

Catch up on this and other SPN updates on our SeroTalk website, or click here to download the podcast.

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