Self-service Just a Call Away

Don’t you hate it when you call your tech vendor only to find out you’ll need to try again when someone is available? We do too. That’s why, in addition to changing a number of account settings within your Serotek product, you can now also make adjustments via the telephone.

The self-service options are available via telephone at: 866-202-0520, or 650-249-1000. By calling either number, you will be able to:

1. Reactivate suspended service

2. Schedule an appointment with technical support

3. Update payment information

The Return of SPN

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So, what’s the scoop? Is SPN dying a slow death? Well, that’s what skeptics would have you believe, but thank goodness SPN is the intrepid cat that keeps coming back and feeling more than ready to rise to the challenge!

The Word on System Access

Word on the street says we’re closing the lid on System Access. So, what gives?

While it is true that we are evaluating all products to make sure they’re still relevant, System Access is very much a part of your foreseeable future. We are anxious for the day when you can go out and buy a PC with an extensive screen reader out of the box. That’s part of being an independent consumer, right? Alas, that day is not quite here.

Revving Up for the Road Ahead

Serotek is undergoing some changes to better meet your needs as a digital consumer. The assistive technology industry has been shifting for a while now, and it would be foolish to believe yesterday’s formula will continue to work in today’s age of wearable technology, smart homes, and interconnected media.

Exciting Update to iBlink Radio!

Serotek is proud to announce an updated version of iBlink Radio for iOS, Android, and now the all new Amazon Fire OS! The latest version of the software that many have called "The Pulse of the Blind Community" is taking Serotek's mission of "Accessibility Anywhere" to an entirely new level to include "accessibility On Any Mobile Device."


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