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Summer months are typically a great time for relaxing and unwinding. We here at Serotek recognize the value of rest and recreation, but as you know, the technology landscape is in a constant shift, requiring us to work overtime in the lab so that your favorite applications work the way they're supposed to when you're ready to come back from vacation. We have a number of short-term and long-term goals on the drawing board, some of which we'll share in upcoming posts, some of which we'll explore in a soon to be announced series of podcasts.

A Pulse Check on the Sero Beta

Since we launched the beta of Sero, our "mother of all updates" on Mother's Day, we've been busy making further improvements to the product based on your extremely helpful feedback. At Serotek we’ve always been all about community, and we are heartened to note the community has not failed us in collaborating to make this a product we can all be proud of.

Here are a few highlights to date and some notes on future plans:

Sero: The Mother of All Updates

What the heck has the Serotek team been up to? Working hard in the basement for you of course! And what has all that resulted in? Well, one of our most comprehensive updates. In fact, you might call it the mother of all updates!

Customer Service Makes a Comeback!

In this day of automated voice response systems there is still one place where there is a real person. Serotek is bringing back the personal touch. We tried the automated system thinking it might be more efficient but we’ve come back to where we started. We think our customers deserve the kind of personal attention our customers had gotten used to.

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Rhonda Partain. I am the voice you’ll hear if you call with customer service issues, tech support problems, or any other concerns.

What's New at Serotek?

You guys may’ve heard the Tek Talk broadcast the other night where Mike Calvo and Matt Campbell covered some changes at Serotek. Didn’t catch it? Click here and listen at your leisure.

Or, if you’d rather read about some of our changes, here’s a breakdown:


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