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A DocuScan Plus Endorsement

We regularly receive positive feedback from satisfied customers. Every now and then we pick out some of these unsolicited testimonials to share with you since their words will mean a lot more than our own biased opinions. In that spirit, here is one noteworthy message from one of our DocuScan Plus users, reprinted with permission:

Greetings From Your New Biggest Fan;

DocuScan Plus Will not be Fooled!

You might remember Brad Dunse from his contributions over on the SeroTalk blog. He’s got a knack with the words, and when we received the following email from him, we thought it worth asking for permission to reprint it here. He agreed, and so here you are, proof positive that DSP really is everything it’s cracked up to be, from the words of one satisfied customer.

Here’s Brad:

Even a cell pic of an old photo copy can’t fool DocuScan Plus

Our Position on Windows 10

If you're running most versions of Windows 7 or Windows 8, chances are good you've received an invitation to upgrade to Windows 10. You'll find a new icon in your System Tray that says as much, but is it a good idea to be an early adopter?

The short answer, in our opinion, is unless you require Windows 10 for work, you should hold off on upgrading.

DocuScan Plus V3.0 is Hhere and It's Brought Discounts!

After extensive development and excellent feedback from the community, we’re ready to unveil the final release of DocuScan Plus V3.0 for Windows and Mac! Already the most affordable assistive technology OCR package in the industry, we’re saving you even more money in the month of July. Keep reading for details.

DocuScan Plus 3 Release Candidate Now Open for Testing

Download the DocuScan Plus V3 audio demonstration here.

Serotek proudly announces the first public release candidate for DocuScan Plus V3, a powerful and affordable OCR option with cross-platform support. Before we deem it final, we’d like you to help us kick the tires. You do not have to be a current Serotek customer to participate, but note that certain features may only be available for customers who have pre-ordered the product.


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