Accessibility Anywhere

Seasons Greetings From Your Serotek Family

At Serotek, accessibility is our bread and butter. When we jumpstarted this operation in 2002, we came to the table with our own approach to the well-known issue of expensive assistive technology. We were on fire, and never mind that all odds were stacked against us. By conventional standards Serotek Corporation should have collapsed after the first year, not just because this is true of more than 50% of all companies, but because we were the little fish swimming in a small pond with large sharks.

A Fresh Season of Updates

Hello everyone,

Fall is in the air. The leaves are changing, it’s growing colder outside, and for whatever reason the combination of it all seems to prompt tech companies to release major updates to their products. I suppose curling up by the fire and downloading a new operating system for your device is one way to usher in a new season.

Truth in Cliches

Curiosity may’ve killed the cat, but the satisfaction of experimenting with great features and low prices brought the beast back. That’s the fuel that’s kept the Serotek engine humming these past eleven years.

Accessibility Anywhere Turns One

July 1 marks one year since Serotek unveiled its most ambitious disruption to the assistive technology market. Other companies develop singular products and pitch them to the consumer base as standalone products. Well, we do the same, because we understand you want to choose what goes into your toolbox, but we also understand the limits on your wallet. Unlike our fellow peers, we do something about it.


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