System Access

Despite leaps in Apple popularity, the PC still accounts for more than 70% of today’s market share. Whether you're composing a document or spreadsheet, keeping track of appointments, sending e-mail, or surfing the web, System Access provides intuitive and affordable access to your Windows environment. For work or pleasure, System Access gives you what you need to make the most of your computer without draining your wallet or your patience.

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Product Highlights

  • Choose from one of several configurations to fit your budget
  • Never pay for software updates
  • Never pay to catch up to the current version
  • Use the software on up to two computers and a thumb drive
  • Get truly natural sounding text-to-speech voices with NeoSpeech and several other speech engine options.
  • Spend more time working and less time learning how to use the product
  • Enjoy the convenience of telephone and web technical support service at no additional charge.

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Product Description

As a blind or visually impaired consumer, you want affordability and reliability wrapped up into one easy-to-use package. Your sighted peers do not pay thousands of dollars to read their computer screens. Why should you? While it is true that it takes a high degree of expertise to design screen reading technology, at Serotek we're just as surprised as you that traditional assistive technology vendors still get away with charging up to $1,200 for a copy of their product that works with all versions of Windows, $260 every two years to keep the software updated, and $200 for the ability to remotely access your computer.

Traditional screen readers charge you a lot more for features you'll never use and call it innovation. We charge less to include the tools you really need and think of it as common sense!

With Serotek you can rely on a simple interface and extensive help documentation to let you hit the ground running. We understand the hassles of learning a new product and do everything we can to make your transition as seamless as possible. Best of all, when the product is updated, you reap all the benefits without paying an extra dime.

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System Access Standalone

At home, in school, and on the job, System Access is your key to popular applications. System Access Standalone lets you install full versions of the software on two computers. Stay on top of your e-mail inbox. Take control of PowerPoint presentations. Balance spreadsheet records. Read and write comprehensive reports, and navigate the web with the confidence of a seasoned professional. It's your digital life after all. Own it!

System Access Mobile

System Access Mobile is the perfect package if you want to take your accessibility on the road. You will receive a license to install System Access on any two computers, as well as on any U3-enabled USB thumb drive. Put the thumb drive on your key ring or in your pocket, and plug it into any computer anywhere - home, office, library, hotel business center, internet café - and you will have complete access to the same settings and preferences you enjoy on your computer back home. When you're done, simply unplug the key and go on your way. No traces of System Access are left behind on the host computer.

What Customers Say

"As a user of the competition, I cannot believe how easy using Facebook is with your product! I used to be annoyed, because the page would refresh every time you hit a button or checked a box. I'd find myself back at the top of the page with no easy way to find out where I previously was. System Access makes this site easy though. When things update themselves, System Access lets me know by reading the new content, yet keeps me in the place I was at previously. This makes taking quizzes, updating my status, and mailing friends a snap. I used to do only what I had to on Facebook, but I think I'll be spending a lot more time there now. Thanks guys!"--John

"My name is Sam Troia and I've known Richie since we were very little kids at school. His computer is new; he is new to Windows and to System Access, whereas I am an old veteran computer user from 1989. Therefore, I am in the middle of spending two weeks up here in New England orienting him to Windows and various applications.

"I, myself, am not an SA user; my screen reader is Window-Eyes. However, using Richie's computer, I have become very familiar with System Access and the SA network. I must say, I started out feeling a bit dubious when he first bought this whole computer system with SA on it, but now having used it a great deal, I can honestly say that I am very favorably impressed with SA's performance. In fact, I brought a copy of Window-Eyes Mobile up here but, honestly, I haven't had to use it all that much.

"Excellent going, Serotek!"--Sam Troia and Richard Carpenter-Briggs


Competing screen readers start at $895. At Serotek we believe in letting you decide what configuration best fits your budget. Pay only $399 for System Access Standalone. Pay $499 to leverage the power of System Access Mobile, or take advantage of Accessibility Anywhere to grab a copy of System Access, DocuScan Plus, and SAMNet for only $21.99 a month!

Or, For a subscription fee of $39.95 per month, you get System Access Mobile, full access to the SA Mobile Network, and the NeoSpeech VoiceText text-to-speech engine. There are no gimmicks or fine print, just a company devoted to giving you as many options as you need. Talk to one of our customer service representatives about the package that’s right for you.

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