Our priority is making your experience with Serotek products a pleasant one. Half of that equation is built on solid technical support.

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What Customers Say

"Highest Praises to the SA tech support. You guys are the most professional, most reliable, and best at what you do, consistently. Thanks ever so much to Brian and Matt for attending to and resolving my NeoSpeech problem. It's such a joy to work with such competent and dedicated service providers as yourselves and all on the Serotek team. You make being a customer a truly unique experience, due to your outstanding response to the needs of all. I am so grateful you are out there. Amid so many improvements, it's a pleasure to find continuing quality of customer care and personalized attention. Your work makes a world of difference and I can't say enough to recommend the Serotek advantage."--Nancy

"Considering all of the changes and extra work along with everything else that continues to need handling, I think you are doing a superb job. Just as an example, amid all the changes, Brian and Matt resolved a personal third party email issue of mine, which was time-consuming and a problem caused by my third party email provider. Imagine how pleased and thrilled I was to find the problem fixed. Nowhere else is there such a team of support that consistently offers such personal and quality attention to individual subscribers. And, I am sure the changes are much more difficult on their end, than on ours. Yes, they are a necessary inconvenience, but the service here remains exceptional!"--N. Denny