Submission Guidelines

The SeroTalk Podcast Network strives to be one of the strong voices in the connected community on the web and elsewhere. And there is no better way to do that then to let you, dear fellow community member, join us by adding your voice to our chorus of content.

These are the requirements for submitting your content for consideration to our shows. If you have questions about any of the sections listed below, write to content @ for clarification or elaboration.

Any interviews, reviews, commentaries, Opinion Editorials, tutorials, tips, overviews, demonstrations or similar submissions MUST consist of the following:

Contain a reference to the SeroTalk Podcast Network and or the name of the show that the content is intended to be aired.

For example, a mobile application review for SeroTalk can contain the line “Reporting for SeroTalk, I’m John Smith”. Likewise, if you aren’t sure where your content would fit best, you can also use “For the SeroTalk Podcast network, I’m John Smith”. Either phrase, or their variations, is acceptable. If this phrase is not present within your submission, you may be asked to add it to the existing recording or if you will agree for suitable branding to be added to the content to signify that it has been created for use on the SeroTalk Podcast network and or its specific shows.

Again, this is a MUST! And all submissions without a reference or suitable branding will not be considered as eligible content for airplay.

Audio formats for submission are WAV, flac, 192 bit or higher MP3. Links to YouTube may also be submitted, however, HD streams are preferred. The formats mentioned above will allow us to provide a better experience for the listener and consistency in overall broadcast tone amongst the shows on the SeroTalk Podcast Network.

Use dedicated microphones, headset mics or other solutions that are not built into a computer system. For example, do not use a laptop/Mac internal microphone. These built in solutions provide poor audio quality recordings and should not be used for any submissions.

Please submit the raw recordings of your content to us for consideration. We can assist in the editing process and we reserve the ability to cut content in areas to fit our needs for time or for a more logical flow when broadcasting.

Ready to pitch your idea? Hit us with your best shot!