The Serotek Ambassadors' Club

The Serotek Ambassadors' Club (S A C) provides a way for current customers to share in the profits for products we sell. We found many of our users were spreading the word about the many benefits they enjoyed from our screen reader, OCR, and multimedia packages, so why not put a little money back in your pocket for something you were already doing?

How it Works

Current customers can generate a unique URL that can be shared with colleagues and friends. The URL allows them to purchase our products and services and automatically gives you credit for the sale. Each time someone you refer purchases an eligible product or service, you'll receive 20 percent of the purchase price.

For example, let’s say your friend at work clicks on your link. They decide to buy System Access Mobile outright at $499. Your 20% take-home share comes out to $99.80. Not too shabby!

When you're ready to get started, you'll find your referral link in the "Serotek Ambassadors' Club" section of your account. You can email this link directly from our system, or copy it and distribute it from the email client you use. You can also post the link on your blog, web site, or anywhere else that people who may be interested in Serotek products and services are likely to visit.

Existing Ambassadors

Are you already participating in the program? Download a copy of an audio training presentation specially designed for you! Learn about what not to do, keeping records, and other pertinent information to make your experience a profitable one.

Why Only Current Customers?

Come on, would you really trust the word of someone who does not use the product they want you to buy? Serotek has done well as a company because we are everyday users of the same products we sell you. We want the same trust to extend from you to the customers you help bring into the family.

Get Started Today!

Are you curious about jumping in? Click here for an audio walkthrough. Also, to learn more about eligible products, how to sign up, and other details about how the Serotek Ambassadors’ Club works, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions. And if you’re still a little fuzzy about how it all works, don’t worry. Drop us a note or give us a call: 612-246-4818.