Harness the flexibility of our remote tools to communicate across personal and enterprise networks.

Product Highlights

  • Start your own training business with the convenience of remote access in your toolkit
  • Help a colleague in another office without ever leaving the convenience of your own workstation
  • Exchange files and data through the convenience of the Windows clipboard
  • Significantly reduce tech support-related travel costs
  • Leverage command and control over client stations alongside other network applications

Remote Incident Manager

For field technical support, Remote Incident Manager allows a technician to take complete control of a distant computer, over a network or the Internet, and puts the technician in the same Windows session as the user. The two can work in the same applications and documents at the same time, exchange text, and exchange files through the Windows clipboard. Technical or training issues are resolved real-time.

Click here to read the RIM paper presented at CSUN in 2013. You may also enjoy reading the full RIM White Paper.

Remote Access Manager

For network administration, training and technical support, Remote Access Manager is an accessible program module that manages communication between any two enabled computers, under control of a secure server. It allows technical personnel; both sighted and visually impaired, to work from anywhere, and can operate in a Microsoft Systems Management Server environment. Remote Access Manager is entirely self-contained within the network, serves an unlimited number of computers, and operates with all versions of Windows. It also works with third-party screen readers.

Read the RAM White Paper.

What Customers Say

"I want to let you know how much the Remote Incident Manager is helping me. As you know, I work with a number of veterans who must use speech input as they are physically unable to use a keyboard. When one of these veterans has a problem with his or her computer it is impossible for me to talk him through the steps to fix whatever the problem is. Most often, the problem is concerned with the speech input part of the computer and as these folks are unable to use a keyboard they're pretty well dead in the water if their speech input is not working. To date I've unraveled three different veteran's computers using RIM. If I had been unable to remotely use their computers it would have taken days, if not weeks, to track down and employ a computer person in each of their home towns to do what it took me no more than twenty minutes to accomplish.

"This is good for the veterans and it's good for me. Thanks for putting such an easy to use and incredibly useful tool out there."--Sue W. Martin


Remote Incident Manager

  • Setup fee: $199
  • Price: $49 per month, or $499 per year per technician. This means that more than one person can use the product as long as incidents are not conducted simultaneously.

Note: A user must have access to System Access Mobile to purchase this product. You can either purchase the screen reader outright or pay a rental fee of $39.95/month, no strings attached.

Remote Access Manager

  • Setup fee, unlimited host groups: $499
  • Server license: $15000
  • RAM host seats: sold in buckets of 50. $2500 per bucket.
  • Maintenance: $1000 per year. This is not charged until after the first year.

Note: RAM is for internal use within corporate networks. The product does not allow you to connect to terminals outside the network.

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