Outreach Programs

Serotek works hand-in-hand with partners interested in advancing the independence of the blind and visually impaired community. These partnerships are managed under the AIR Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Serotek Corp., and through these joint efforts we are able to provide free System Access licenses to the K-12 community, lifetime passes to SAMNet to blinded veterans, and SA to Go for blind and visually impaired persons living in developing countries.

Our social responsibility programs are driven by a passion to reverse the misconception that the blind and visually impaired population is a burden. On the contrary, Serotek is a testament to the world of contributions to the global marketplace of ideas if persons with disabilities are allowed to become masters of their own destinies.

Please write to us if you are interested in jumpstarting a philanthropic venture with Serotek and the AIR Foundation.

What Customers Say

"Yesterday I went to the internet cafe, sat down at a computer, typed in www.satogo.com/, registered and had a wonderful session listening to music performances on YouTube. I was really impressed by the System Access to Go, made by Serotek and offered free worldwide by The AIR Foundation. It was very responsive, did not have any trouble with the Flash Player used for the YouTube and typing into edit boxes was very easy. When I closed the internet on the cafe's computer, the person who used it after me reported that it no longer talked. A very wonderful experience in all and I'm going to check out Serotek's products."--Dotty Martin

"I am sending this to say keep up the great job. We are excited about the ability to log on and have speech output anywhere we go where there is a connection. Where computers are concerned, I think SA2go is the most revolutionary thing I have ever seen. Thanks again."--Ed Browning