Our Pledge

Serotek recognizes the challenges our fellow blind consumers face daily. Most of us here at the company are also blind and experience some of the same frustrations. We choose to do something about it, and to that end, we give you the following lifetime commitments:

  1. Inspiration. The price you pay for our products is what keeps the lights on. The things you do with our products to contribute to society is what keeps us going.
  2. Innovation. We do not measure ourselves against what is. Instead, we compare our progress against what could be. We stay ahead of a typical assistive technology industry that too often prefers what has been.
  3. Universal Access. We envision a world where the blind can equally use products and services on the same day they are released. Serotek will keep a permanent seat at the discussions responsible for making this day come sooner than later. The day we can announce our product is no longer necessary will be the day our mission has been fulfilled.