Serotek Announces iBlink Radio for the Mac

Earlier this summer, the "accessibility anywhere" people brought you exciting updates to our iBlink Radio app across multiple mobile devices, including iOS, Android and Amazon's Kindle Fire product line. Our commitment to providing cross-platform access continues with the release of iBlink Radio, with the SAMNet Connect feature, for the Mac. Now you can access all your favorite blindness-related radio stations, podcasts, and local and national radio reading services either from your mobile device or your Mac computer. Additionally, if you're a SAMNet subscriber, you can access all your news, entertainment, SAMNet forums, notes, media library and much more right from within the iBlink Radio app. The best part is that if you use iBlink Radio from multiple devices, your activity is synced across each device so you never lose your place.

What is iBlink Radio?

iBlink Radio is a free app providing access to global radio stations, podcasts and local and national reading services of special interest to the blind and visually impaired. The app was inducted into the highly acclaimed AppleVis iOS App Hall of Fame in December 2011, and and is often promoted as a must-have app for consumers and professionals within the blindness community.

What is SAMNet?

SAMNet is Serotek's renowned Internet community providing access to text and audio content such as news and radio stations, along with recipes, forums, a personal blog and newspaper, plus countless other features to enhance your digital life. The SAMNet Connect feature offers the ability to access all your favorite SAMNet content from within the iBlink Radio app, including the ability to download for offline listening. Find out what SAMNet has to offer by visiting the SAMNet Sampler link from the iBlink Radio home page. When you're ready to create your 14-day free trial, you can do so right from within the SAMNet Sampler section of iBlink Radio on any supported platform, or you can download trial software for your PC at

Want to hear the app in action? Check out this audio overview of the Mac app by Jamie Pauls.
Here’s an audio overview of the Android app by Lisa Salinger.
And here’s a demo of the app on iOS.

I need iBlink Radio, now now now! Where can I get it?

To download the brand-new iBlink Radio for the Mac and other platforms, you may simply search for iBlink Radio in the appropriate app store. Or, for the Mac, visit
For iOS, visit
For Android, visit
And for the Kindle Fire product line, visit

Got questions? Call us at (612) 246-4818, or send us an email at

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