Real-time one-on-one training and support with RIM

Is your travel budget continuing to shrink? Is this getting in your way of providing top-notch training and technical support? Do you have talented blind technicians who are searching for an accessible way to remotely access computers that don’t have assistive technology installed? The economic climate is prompting a lot of desperate questions. Serotek has answers. ##What is the Remote Incident Manager? (RIM) The Remote Incident Manager is the perfect accessible tool for field technical support and training. Technicians can: • Remotely connect to a computer anywhere in the globe;

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Serotek Corporation is a web services company that specializes in providing information, entertainment and accessible services to the Blind and Low vision Communities. Since 2002 Serotek has expanded services beyond the desktop to become one of the only multiplatform developers in the Assistive Technology industry. Original and aggregated content is accessed by thousands of Users daily from our Windows, Android, Apple iOS and Mac based applications via the SeroTalk Podcast Network (SPN).

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