KK-12 Student Application

What you need to do:


Download and complete the Eligibility Form certifying visual impairment, and complete the online KK-12 Application Form.

CLICK ON PRINT THIS FORM. This will produce a signature page. A school official must sign the completed application where indicated. This could be a principal or other school administrator, but it cannot be the student's teacher.

Fax the completed forms to Serotek at (612) 659-0760 with a cover letter on your school's letterhead stating that the documents are to be used for participation in the Keys for K-12 program. Please send all documents together. Any documents sent separately will be discarded.

You may also mail documents to:

Serotek Corporation

49 Main Street SE
Suite 508
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Once eligibility has been verified, an authorization number along with instructions on downloading software to a thumb drive will be emailed to the contacts listed on the application form. Please note that the thumb drive is not supplied as part of this program, but can be easily obtained from local and online retailers who sell computer accessories. The thumbdrive can be as small as 512 MB.

Please check back often as this page will be updated frequently in the coming months. You can also subscribe ) to the KK12 mailing list to keep up to date on the latest happenings with the Keys for K-12 program.