Keys for K-12

For children in the 21st century, using a computer is as basic as learning to read or riding a bike. Serotek Corporation is introducing a program today that will put blind children on the same page with their sighted peers -- giving them the ability to use a computer anytime, anywhere, with help from Keys for K-12 (kk12.) Keys for K-12 is a free license to carry the System Access Mobile capabilities on a portable thumb drive.† With the SA Mobile Software, your student can plug his or her flash drive into any computer, anywhere, and have instant access -- through text-to-speech and/or magnification -- to all Windows-based applications already there. At school, the library, Grandma's house or a sleepover, a blind child can access the same information on the computer as any sighted student who can see the screen. A licensed copy of System Access Mobile sells for $499.00, and now students K-12 can have it for free! You can begin familiarizing yourself with System Access by [using our free web-resident version]( You can also [read the help documentation]( for System Access. Click here for the student application. Click here if you are a K-12 instructor.