Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of commonly asked questions and answers. Note that this list is by no means exhaustive. For complete explanations of all our products, please refer to the help files found at:

Serotek Ambassadors’ Club

Q: What is the Serotek Ambassadors’ Club?

A: The Serotek Ambassadors’ Club is our way of thanking you for telling others about our products and services. With this program, you will receive a percentage of eligible purchases made by a person you refer to us.

Q: What percentage of the purchase price will I receive when someone buys products and services on my recommendation?

A: You will receive 20 percent of the purchase price of eligible products.

Q: What products are eligible for the Serotek Ambassadors’ Program?

A: The following products are eligible.

  • System Access standalone, outright purchase
  • System Access Mobile: outright purchase
  • DocuScan Plus: outright purchase
  • Accessibility Anywhere subscription: yearly purchase.
  • SAMNet Subscription: yearly purchase.

Q: What does outright purchase mean?

A: Outright purchase means that a person pays the full cost of a product or service at one time, rather than as part of a payment plan or subscription.

Q: What if the person I refer purchases a monthly subscription? Will I receive credit for this purchase?

A: While we appreciate all that you do to spread the word about Serotek, only the products and services listed above are eligible to receive credit.

Q: What if someone I refer already has a subscription to a Serotek product or service? Will I receive credit if that person renews a subscription on my recommendation?

A: No. If you refer someone who is reopening a previously canceled subscription, you will receive credit for that purchase. However, if a person is renewing a current subscription, you will not receive credit for this renewal. Note that a closed account must be inactive for a period of at least three months before it is eligible to count as a referral.

Q: What happens after a person purchases a product or service on my recommendation? Will I get credit for future purchases?

A: You will receive credit for future purchases, assuming the additional purchase happens within 90 days of a previous qualifying purchase, and that the item being purchased is among the eligible products and services for the Serotek Ambassadors’ Club.

Q: What are the requirements for joining the Serotek Ambassadors’ Club?

A: The requirements for joining the Serotek Ambassadors’ Club are quite simple. As long as you own a Serotek product, and/or have a current subscription to Serotek services, you are eligible to participate in the program.

Q: How do I join?

A: You can join the Serotek Ambassadors’ Club from the “my account” option in your Serotek software. Activate the System Access menu with modifier+f, press the letter “a” for “my account”, and then navigate to the “Serotek Ambassadors’ Club” link.

Q: How do I refer someone to purchase Serotek products and services?

A: Each ambassador who joins the program will receive a unique URL, which will be used to refer others to purchase Serotek products and services. Each time a person uses this URL, it indicates that they were referred specifically by you.

Q: In what ways am I allowed to distribute my referral URL?

A: You can distribute your referral URL however you wish. We provide a method for sending invitations by email, but this is not the only means by which you may distribute the uRL. You can post it on your blog or web site; use the URL as part of an email you compose in your own email client, and so on. When distributing your referral URL by email, please follow the same etiquette you would for any other email message. For example, do not post your referral URL as an off-topic message on a mailing list. Do not send your referral URL to those who are unlikely to have an interest in our products and services, as such messages may be considered as spam and can harm your email reputation. Do not continue to send invitations to someone who has clearly indicated they are not interested in the information you are sharing.

Q: How will I get paid for referring people to Serotek?

A: Payments from the Serotek Ambassador program are distributed at the end of each month. All eligible purchases made by midnight on the 25th day of the month will count toward that month’s payout. Please allow up to 15 days for a month’s payments to be processed and distributed. Payments may be sent by check, PayPal, or Serotek bonus dollars. You may choose your preferred method of payment in the “Serotek Ambassadors’ Club” section under your account.

Q: I have purchased a Serotek product, such as System Access or DocuScan Plus outright, but I don’t have a subscription to Sero (formerly SAMNet) or other services. Can I use my referral URL to receive a discount off my subscription purchase?

A: Yes. If you have successfully referred at least one person through the Serotek Ambassadors’ Club who purchased on your recommendation within 90 days previous to the time you wish to purchase your qualifying Serotek product, then you may use your own referral link to receive credit for your purchase. Note that your purchase will not be discounted at the time you pay for your product. Instead, you will receive payment of the 20 percent commission just as you would for any other referral.

Q: What happens if someone I refer doesn’t like the product they purchase? Will I still get credit for the purchase even if they return the product?

A: It is Serotek’s policy not to offer refunds. For this reason, when you recommend our software, please strongly encourage the person to take a 14-day trial to be sure they are satisfied with the product before they make a purchase. The referral URL does allow a person to create a trial before purchase, so there’s nothing complicated that you need to do to ensure that a trial can be set up. If, for any reason, Serotek does offer a refund to the person you refer, the 20 percent commission you received on the initial purchase will be deducted from your future earnings as an ambassador. You will begin receiving commission once again only after the balance for your payout on the refunded product has been earned through other sales.

Q: What can I do if I have questions about the Serotek Ambassadors’ Club not answered here?

A: We will be happy to answer any additional questions you have about this program, or about any of our products and services. Please contact us by email at info (at)

Sign-Up and Account Information

Q. How do I find my account number?

A. Your account number is based on the phone number you provided at the time your account was created. In most cases, this means that it is your complete phone number, but in some cases, extra digits may be added. You will need to enter this number without punctuation or spaces. If you forget your account number or you wish to change it, please contact Customer Service.

Q. What is my PIN number?

A. During the account creation process a PIN number will be generated for you and sent to the email associated with your account. This four-digit number is your password when logging into various Serotek products. Please keep this number confidential as you would any other password. If you forget your PIN, you can use the link on the login page to have it emailed to you, or you can contact Customer Service to change it.

Q. What is my username?

A. You will choose a username when setting up an account. If you will be using the System Access Mobile Network, (SAMNet,) now known as Sero, this username will be part of your email address. Even if you do not choose to use Sero, we still ask that you create a username.

Q. If I can’t remember any of my account information, should I just create another one?

A. If you create a second account, it is possible that this will make logging in with the correct information difficult. It may also mean that products you have paid for will not show up on the correct account. If you forget your login information, it is likely that Customer Service can assist you in retrieving it.

Q. Can I change my account number?

A. This change can only be made by a Customer Service representative. If you wish to change your phone number or other contact information, go to the My Account option, and select Edit Contact Information.

Q. Can I change my e-mail address?

A. If you have provided an email address, you can change it by going to My Account and selecting the option to Change Contact Information. If you want to change your Sero email address, you will need to contact Customer Service for assistance.

Sales and Support

Q. When I buy your products, when will I get my CD so I can install it on my computer?

A. All Serotek software is delivered instantly over the Internet. Therefore, no CD or other physical media is provided. When you purchase software from Serotek, you can download it directly onto your computer. If you started a free trial before your purchase, the program you downloaded and whatever settings you customized will remain the same. There is no point at which you will need to install anything from a CD.

Q. Where can I find training on Serotek products?

A. While Serotek is happy to provide you with support on technical issues; we do not offer one-on-one training on our products. However, there are still plenty of ways for new users to learn them. We highly recommend that you visit each product's help files. They are available in text, Braille, and HTML formats. We also offer regular training sessions on basic concepts from within the System Access Mobile Network. Learn more by subscribing to the Serotek Training Forum on Sero. Additionally, there are many knowledgeable people who are willing to lend a hand to new users. Feel free to post questions in the User’s Forum, or join others in a chat room. If you still feel you need individualized instruction, Serotek maintains a short list of access technology trainers. Contact us for details.

Q. Do I have to purchase all of your products at once?

A. We are pleased to offer a variety of packages and purchase options. You are welcome to explore them on our website, or call for assistance. You can purchase our products separately or in combination - whatever best meets your needs.

Q. If I decide I don’t want something I have purchased, can I get a refund?

sA. At Serotek, we want you to be completely satisfied when you buy. For this reason, we offer free seven-day trials of all our products so that when you are ready to make a purchase, you can be sure you have chosen those products that best meet your needs.

Q. Can I have an extension of my seven-day trial?

A. We address trial extensions on a case by case basis. Please contact Customer Service if you need to inquire about a trial reset.

Q. Can I purchase any of your products for someone else?

A. We recommend that you seek the assistance of one of our representatives to ensure that the purchase is applied to the correct account. You may also purchase gift cards which an individual can use to buy those products he or she wants most.

Q. Why don’t I always get a live person when I call?

A. We often receive a large number of calls at Serotek, and are dedicated to providing each customer with as much assistance as he or she needs. If you do not get a live representative when you call, please leave a voice mail and someone will return your call as soon as possible. You may also write to support (at) for assistance.

Q. What does it mean when you refer to “lifetime updates?

A. This means that you will receive free updates for as long as you own your product without the need to pay maintenance or upgrade fees.

Q. How do I update a program?

A. Whenever an update is available, it is automatically installed the next time you restart your computer. You will also receive an email to let you know an update has been installed.

Q. I just got a new computer, or my old one had to be reformatted, and I want to run your software on it. Do I have to call you to do that?

A. We are happy to assist you with this process, or you may manage your computers and licenses independently. To reset your license, open the My Account option from the System Access menu. To do this, press Modifier+F followed by the letter A. from the My Account menu, choose Manage Machines. There you will see a list of computers currently registered to you. Choose the computer you want to manage from the list, and then press the tab key to review the available options. Choose the Unregister button if you want to remove your license for Serotek products. Now, when you install Serotek software on your new computer, that computer will automatically use the license you unregistered from your previous machine. You will not need to do anything else to register the new computer.

Q. We are an agency or school providing services to people who are blind. Can we get free copies of your products so we can show them to those we serve?

A. Serotek prides itself on producing high quality, affordable software for every budget and lifestyle. We regret that we are unable to provide products free of charge to organizations, but we offer discounted site licenses. Additionally, if the individual is a United States Veteran or a student in grades K-12, he or she may be eligible to receive free software. As always, individuals are encouraged to begin a seven-day trial, and many find it helpful to do so while at a training facility. A customer service representative will be happy to discuss all of the available options for your organization and for the individuals it serves.

Q. What anti-virus programs work best with your products?

A. We have found both Microsoft Security Essentials, which is free, and Vipre Antivirus, a paid program, work very well with our products. If your computer has another anti-virus program installed, you might have some difficulties when installing or using Serotek products. More details can be found here.

Q. Where can I find information about installing and using Serotek products?

A. Documentation for all Serotek products can be found under the Help and Tutorials option under the System Access menu. These files include navigation basics, application-specific instructions, and lists of supported keyboard commands. You may also view help files in your browser even if you don't have any Serotek software running on your computer. Simply visit to browse the help documentation, or to download a zipped copy for later viewing.

Q. I don’t like the sound that plays when a Serotek product is loading. Is there a way to change this?

A. Access the Preferences Menu with the Modifier Key plus the letter F, followed by the letter P. The Modifier Key can be either of the two insert keys, Caps Lock, or Scroll Lock. Then, choose the General Preferences option. Tab through the various options until you come to the Working Sound option. Use the Up and Down Arrows to select from Classic, which is the default, Click, or Off. Remember to tab to OK and press Enter or Space to save your changes.

Q. I bought a voice, or I started a trial of a voice. How do I get it on my computer?

A. This is a two-step process. First, go to the My Account Option, and press Enter on the voice engine, such as Ivona TTS or Realspeak, you would like to modify or install. Use Space to check and uncheck the various options before tabbing to the Continue button and selecting it with Space or Enter. Once you have heard the message that your voice or voices have downloaded, you will then need to specify that you would like to use them. From the Preferences Menu, choose the Text-to-Speech Preferences option. You will first need to choose the manufacturer of the voice you would like to use. Press Alt+Down arrow to open the list of choices, and arrow to the one you want. Then, Tab and use the Up and Down arrows to select the specific voice. Remember to tab through the remaining options, and to press Enter or Space on the OK button to save your changes.

Q. I have another screen reader on my computer. Can I use a voice from that to speak from within your products?

A. Each speech synthesizer is licensed to work with a particular line of products. For this reason, you would need to purchase voices specifically for use with Serotek’s products.

Q. I have more than one computer. Do I need to purchase voices to work on each one separately?

A. There is no need to do this. Voices you purchase on one computer are downloaded to all other computers on which you are running a license. Please remember that there will be a short delay to use your chosen voice while it is being downloaded. When your Serotek products update, the voices will redownload automatically.

System Access

Q. System Access doesn’t seem to work with a particular program I am using. What can I do about this?

A. Be sure that the program is maximized and that you have tried using the Virtual Mouse feature to navigate the program. If the program still does not work, please let Serotek know, and a fix will be considered for a future revision.

Q. Can I run System Access on a Mac?

A. If you are running Windows on a Mac, either under BootCamp or as a virtual machine, you can use System Access as your primary screen reader. Because it is designed specifically as a Windows screen reader, it is not possible for System Access to function in the Mac operating system. Fortunately the Mac comes with VoiceOver, a built-in screen reader.

Q. Why are there particular browsers or email programs you don’t support?

A. There are two main reasons this might be the case. Some programs for reading email or surfing the web are still available, but are no longer being supported by their developers. When this happens, either because of the program’s age or possible vulnerabilities it may contain, we stop supporting it as well. Some browsers in particular, may release a series of very different updates in a short period of time. In this instance, we will wait until the end of this rapid release cycle to update our support.

Q. Why should I purchase System Access if I can use System Access to Go on the web site?

A. System Access to Go will only work if you keep your browser open at all times. If you close your browser or it closes because of some kind of error, SAToGo stops running as well. With a full license of System Access you can install the software on your computer and set it to either run as soon as Windows starts or from the log-in screen. With System Access Mobile, you can also run SA from a thumb drive, and you can also purchase more licenses so it can be run on multiple computers.

Q. I only want to use magnification. How do I make the computer stop talking?

A. At present System Access’s primary function is to read aloud text on the screen. For that reason, it is not possible to stop it from speaking and use only magnification.

Q. What Braille displays does System Access support?

A. As of January 2013, System Access can be used with the following Braille displays: APH RefreshaBraille 18, Alva 640/80, Braille Pen 12, HandyTech EasyBraille, HumanWare Brailliant and Braille Connect and the Seika 4. Currently, we do not support displays that require driver installation. See the System Access Help files for more information about setting up and using your display with Serotek’s products.

Q. What kind of a drive do I need to run System Access Mobile?

A. You can use any thumb drive of nearly any capacity. Even a drive with only 2GB of space will be large enough. If you would like to purchase a preconfigured drive from Serotek, please contact our Sales department.


Q. Where can I get the Sero app?

A. The Sero app is available for free through the App Store for iOS devices and through the GooglePlay Store for Android.

Q. I’ve heard I can remotely access my home computer from anywhere. What do I need to do this?

A. In order to access your home PC remotely, you must have a Sero subscription. Your System Access Home Server must be enabled, and you must allow Remote Control preferences. To do this, Access the System Access Menu with Modifier+F, and then the Preferences submenu. Select the Manage My HomeServer option. You should receive a message that HomeServer is running. If it is not, there will be a link to start it. Next, tab to the option labeled Remote Control Preferences, and press Enter or Space to activate it. Press Space to check the box that says Allow me to remotely control this computer”, tab to Save, and press Enter.

Q. I use something besides System Access as my primary screen reader but I still want to use Sero. How do I do that?

A. If you have a primary screen reader other than System Access, it is still quite easy to use Sero while the other screen reader is running. In most cases, you will need to take no particular action. When you are using Sero, your screen reader will be in a suspended mode, but will be ready for use when focus is shifted away from Sero.

Q. Can I access Sero on my Mac?

A. As with System Access, this is possible if you are running Windows on your Mac. If you are running the Mac OS only, you can access Sero through Google's Chrome browser and visiting . note that Google Chrome support on the mac is experimental and subject to change, and we can offer only limited technical support for it.


Q. If I only have DocuScanPlus can I run it on more then one machine?

A. When you purchase DocuScanPlus you can access it from any computer by signing into . You may install the software on one Mac and one Windows computer, and can access your scanned documents using the Sero app for the iPhone. If you have purchased System Access, you can use DocuScanPlus on as many computers as you have System Access licenses.

Q. Do I have to have System Access in order to use DocuScanPlus?

A. DocuScanPlus is a completely self-voicing program. If you use another screen reader, its speech will be silenced when you open DocuScanPlus, and will return if you move focus to another program. Additionally, DocuScanPlus also works with screen magnifiers, though this requires a few small modifications. This Help file provides more details.

Q. What are the supported scanners for DocuScanPlus?

A. DocuScanPlus should work with most scanners and combination units available in today’s market. If you would like to buy a scanner or report a problem with a scanner you are attempting to use, please contact Serotek for assistance.

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