At Serotek we provide a seamless bridge between assistive technology and mission critical applications. Our line of products was built with stability, affordability, and security in mind to attract the largest user pool inside and outside of the office space.

Most IT departments with whom we currently collaborate began with only a basic understanding of accessibility. Don't worry. Our technical support and development teams work hard to bring you up to speed and make our software just another reliable component of your corporate infrastructure. In a very short time you too will embrace the cost-effectiveness of universal access in the workplace.

Screen Reading Technology

Serotek's award-winning System Access screen reader provides instant access to your Windows environment. Blind and visually impaired staff can interact with today's leading applications to perform database management, word processing, Internet research, and e-mail exchange as efficiently as sighted peers. Built to blend with Windows functionality, the end user hits the ground running with a system that is portable, nimble and intuitive for maximum productivity. Connect with our knowledgeable staff about the most affordable software solution for Windows access.

OCR in the 21st Century

In a perfect world blind and visually impaired professionals would be able to count on total electronic communication. Until then we give you DocuScan Plus, a robust text recognition software designed to convert print agendas, brochures, correspondence and other hard copies into readable and editable text. DocuScan Plus is available on both Windows and Mac and resides securely in the cloud to provide the end user with optimal mobility.

Online Meetings That Accommodate All

Accessible Event is our answer to popular online collaboration platforms that do not make accessibility a part of the core product. Yet, rather than isolate users on a proprietary system, Accessible Event can be used as a standalone service or as an extension to WebEx™ and other platforms. Accessible Event is Section 508 compliant. Now your hearing impaired, blind and visually impaired colleagues can equally take part in the online dialogue across town or around the globe.


Remote access is essential for companies relying on corporate networks to deploy, secure, and interact with key applications. While our Remote Incident Manager helps IT staff tap into computers outside of their network, our Remote Access Manager is the perfect solution for IT departments to leverage accessibility across the internal board with minimal effort. Connect with us now to learn just how easy it is to let your blind and visually impaired IT staff play a role in preserving the stability of your company's technical backbone.

Ready to Get Started?

Serotek is the most affordable alternative to traditional accessibility. Our company mission is motivated by a desire to expand employment opportunities for the world's blind and visually impaired, and to that end we leverage products at rates well below market value to ensure accessibility can be put into the hands of those who need it.

Download our Enterprise Price List, and talk to our customer service representatives about building the package that is right for you.