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Partnership and collaboration are terms more commonly associated with social causes. Two nonprofit organizations get together, combine their efforts, and deliver better services for their beneficiaries, but at Serotek, a for-profit venture, we’re in the business of working with partners inside and outside of the assistive technology industry to provide you with awesome opportunities.

You may have heard of our In It to Win It promotion. The short version is that SAMNet and Accessibility Anywhere subscribers are randomly selected to win a prize just for being subscribers. Each month we will feature a different vendor.

In February the lucky winners were:

  • Jim Fettgather
  • Wendy David
  • Christine Shade

Each received their choice of a charm for their cane or a dog bone charm from Laura Legendary’s Elegant Insights Jewelry shop.

If you’re interested in being the featured business for an upcoming month, drop us a note. It’s a great way to spread word of your products to one of the fastest growing consumers bases on the web.

Also, we recently partnered with to expand our radio content. If you’ve never heard of it, is a large online database of radio streams with everything from adult alternative to urban oldies. The expansion supplements our own collection of streams as well as the community radio stations owned and operated by blind users. Altogether, we think no matter your taste, we’ll have you grooving for hours at a time!

Ready to try it?

From the SAMNet homepage:

  • Click on Entertainment.
  • Click on Radio.
  • Click on the service that most interests you.

Or, give us a listen on the iBlink Radio app.

These are just a couple examples of the benefits you get from jumping into the Serotek ecosystem. What can we say? We’re an unusual company who loves partnering with other companies to give you awesome perks. Hey, we’re human. We love bonuses as much as the next guy. We go out and seek them, so why not pass them along to you, our devoted customers?

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