System Access, Not the Last Choice

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From time to time we like to share feedback directly from our customers. If we may, we would like to share a little of that feedback now. We don't like to boast. We prefer to quietly work hard for you, to bring you what you need, but yes, we admit notes like the one below helps us remember why the work is always worth it.

The note follows:

Hello Friends,

Just thought I'd take a quick moment to mention just how much I was recently very pleasantly surprised by the versatility and accessibility you've built in to System Access.

A few days ago, I needed to access and use the "My Choice" portion of the UPS website ( This section of the UPS website uses a lot of Flash programming to display and allow control of page content.  I had some difficulty navigating and filling
out the forms presented by this part of the UPS website.

I tried several approaches to accessing and manipulating this content.  I tried using the latest versions of three screen readers I had available to me (Window eyes, NVDA and System access).  I also tried the latest versions of three common Windows internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome).  I encountered varying degrees of difficulty with this section of the UPS website as I tried
using all three screen readers paired with all three internet browsers (a daunting 9 different pairings).

The only combination that allowed me near perfect access to this web content was System Access paired with the Chrome browser.  This combination enabled me to easily access and manipulate the many elements and Flash content of the "MY Choice" section of the UPS website.  The combination of System Access paired with Chrome provided me with an access experience that was nearly flawless and  was far superior to any other combination with either of the other two screen readers.  It's just too bad that this was the very last combination of screen reader and browser that I tried using to accomplish the necessary task I was working on.

Three cheers for System Access.  I'm very impressed with all of the work you're doing to make System Access a top notch screen reader.  I'm also happy with all of the many other programs and services you provide.  I'm definitely going to make more use of System Access than I've done in the past and It will be my first choice for most of my computer based activities.  Thanks so very much for providing such excellent services and software.  I'm one very happy customer.

Warmest Regards,

Richard Oehm

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