Serotek at CSUN 2013

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[The 28th Annual CSUN International Technology and Disabilities Conference]( will take place from February 25 through March 2 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel in San Diego, CA. If you’ll be at the conference this year and are wondering which sessions to attend, why not catch these spectacular Serotek presentations: First join Ricky Enger for [Session BLV-015]( located in Emma AB. This session will be held on February 27 at 12:00 PST, and will cover using Serotek’s [Remote Incident Manager]( for fully accessible one-on-one training and support. Next, join Joe Steinkamp and Ricky Enger for [Session BLV-050]( in Emma AB on Friday, March 1 at 9:20 AM PST. In this session, you will learn many tips and tricks to pick the best accessible tools for your clients without breaking the bank. If you’re not able to make it to San Diego this year, no worries. Members of the [SeroTalk]( crew will be bringing you coverage from the show floor. [Tune in to SPN Radio]( from your pc or through [iBlink Radio]( beginning Friday March 1 at 9 AM Eastern to catch the latest news and interviews from your favorite assistive technology vendors. A very special thanks to [Independent Living Aids]( for sponsoring this year's CSUN coverage. Oh, By the Way Is your travel budget continuing to shrink? Is this getting in your way of providing top-notch training and technical support? Do you have talented blind technicians who are searching for an accessible way to remotely access computers that don’t have assistive technology installed? If that describes your situation, stand by for a special announcement. Details coming soon... Who else can bring you up-to-the minute coverage of major events and give you software service that meets you where you need us? We’re Serotek: Connected Technology.


Hi, While using voice over and if you move your phone just a inch it suddenly switches over to speaker mode and that can be annoying. Is there a work aound for that?

Hello. I'd just like to thank you for once again providing excellent coverage of this year's CSUN conference. I've never been to any of the conferences, but I always really enjoy hearing about the latest and greatest assistive technology products on the market today. I am unfortunately in a state with very limited resources for people with disabilities, that being Illinois. It just seems that so few people here in Illinois are willing to try new things. Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to more excellent coverage of these conferences.

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