Serotek And SPN at this year’s Summer conventions

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There’s a lot to be excited for at this year’s NFB and ACB summer conventions, and whether you’re jetting off to Orlando or Vegas to enjoy them in person or you’re experiencing them from the comfort of your own home, Serotek and SPN have got you covered.

First, we’re proud to announce updates to iBlink Radio for Android and iOS devices. We’ve been hard at work on an API (Application Programming Interface) which will make it easier than ever for third-party vendors to access your favorite Serotek services from other devices. Our Android update, which will be found in both the Google Play and Amazon stores once approved, is the first app to use the Serotek API, and we’ll have more partnerships to announce in the coming months. This release supports SAMNet Connect, allowing you to enjoy your favorite SAMNet content from your Android device, and even download it for offline listening. iBlink Radio for iOS will also see an update, available in the app store once approved, which adds improved performance and the ability to download content to your iDevice for offline listening.

Whether you’re listening from iBlink Radio or elsewhere, The SeroTalk Podcast Network will bring you the most comprehensive coverage available from this year’s conventions. We’d like to give a very special thanks to HIMS, Inc. and Elegant Insights Jewelry for sponsoring this year’s coverage.

Streaming of interviews begins July 4 weekend, and we’ll continue adding coverage from NFB and ACB as it becomes available. You can listen to this coverage on SPN Radio from your PC, from the front page of iBlink Radio, or from a couple of your favorite portable devices.

If you’ve just purchased a Blaze EZ from HIMS, you can find SPN Radio in the list of Web Radio stations on your new device.

If you’re in the US and own a second generation Victor Reader Stream, you’ll find SPN Radio in the HumanWare playlist under Internet Radio.

If you’re not able to catch streaming coverage, no worries. We’ll be providing podcast specials containing all the interviews from this year’s conventions. Watch the front page of iBlink Radio, subscribe to the SeroTalk podcast feed from your favorite podcatcher, or download the podcasts directly if you own a Blaze EZ from HIMS or a Second Generation Victor Reader Stream from HumanWare.

If you’ve purchased the new Blaze EZ, you’ll find SeroTalk in the list of available podcasts. When you find the episode you want, simply press the “select” button and the episode will begin downloading directly to your device.

On your Victor Reader Stream, you’ll need version 4.4 of the firmware, previewed in early July. Connect your unit to wi-fi and navigate to the “podcasts” bookshelf, which is an added feature in this firmware release. You’ll see the SeroTalk feed in the list of suggested podcasts, or alternatively you can search for “SeroTalk” and you’ll then be able to subscribe to the podcast feed by pressing the “confirm” button. If you subscribe to the feed, new podcasts will automatically download to your device as they become available, and you can choose the “get more episodes” option if you want to browse what’s currently available on the feed.

Whether you’ll be on site for the conventions this year or attending from the comfort of your home, we wish you a safe and enjoyable convention season!

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