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At Serotek, accessibility is our bread and butter. When we jumpstarted this operation in 2002, we came to the table with our own approach to the well-known issue of expensive assistive technology. We were on fire, and never mind that all odds were stacked against us. By conventional standards Serotek Corporation should have collapsed after the first year, not just because this is true of more than 50% of all companies, but because we were the little fish swimming in a small pond with large sharks. Enough of you gave us your support and allowed us to bring to the market our own version of “affordable technology.”

As we close the books on another calendar year, I am pleased to report that our story is still a bestseller.

Let’s take a quick look back at some of our accomplishments. Among other things, we:

  • Rolled out a fresh website to better serve you;
  • Worked hard to make your experience on Windows 8, 8.1 and Office 2013 a positive experience;
  • Continued improving System Access based on your valuable feedback and continued to provide updates with no software maintenance agreements;
  • Introduced the new and improved >Socializer, bringing you seamless access to Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and numerous instant messaging services from one intuitive interface;
  • Updated iBlink Radio on Android to keep pace with the OS and your latest devices;
  • Made all our services freely available to everyone for 14 days (This was so successful that we decided to make the 14-day free trial a permanent fixture and we will reset these trials every six months);
  • Communicated regularly with mainstream companies to achieve harmony between our product and theirs to make your life a little easier;
  • Celebrated the one-year anniversary of Accessibility Anywhere, the only package of its kind to give you the most impact for the least amount of money;
  • Finally got around to giving you a downloadable installer option;
  • Split our profits with you via the Serotek Ambassadors’ Club Program;
  • Topped 16,000 subscribers across our SeroTalk Podcast Network;
  • Introduced a program allowing blind entrepreneurs to promote their businesses to our SPN listeners;
  • Partnered with HIMS Inc. on a tour of wildly successful open houses;
  • Shook hands with many of you across several state and national conventions; and
  • Recorded interviews from those conventions covering your favorite assistive technology vendors on our podcasts and other media.

At the end of 2013, it is truly inspiring to see the number of assistive and mainstream choices available to enrich your digital and interactive life. We are not the only company writing a success story, and if we have not said it enough, thank you for trusting us with your investment to build our own version of a shared dream to make accessibility as universal and affordable for as many people as we can reach. Even if you are not a customer and only listen to our popular podcasts, we thank you for making them popular in the first place.

Actually, speaking of all things audio, have you checked out our 4th annual holiday concert? SAMNet was always meant to bring everyone together regardless of politics, consumer group choices, Ranch or blue cheese preferences, and it was so exciting to have so many new guests join us for one of our favorite events of the year. And if one holiday special wasn’t enough, we brought you our own version of a holiday gift guide. No matter who you’re shopping for, you’re bound to find a great gift from the Serotek staff’s holiday picks this year. If you’re still struggling with what to buy for yourself or someone else, why not give the gift of accessibility with a Serotek gift card.

On behalf of every staff person at Serotek who takes your calls, responds to your e-mails, troubleshoots your issues, entertains you on the air, and everything in between, it’s been our sincere privilege serving you this year. Have a safe, warm and memorable holiday season. We’ll be here to pick it right back up in 2014. Stay tuned. the best is on its way.

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