Real-time one-on-one training and support with RIM

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Is your travel budget continuing to shrink? Is this getting in your way of providing top-notch training and technical support? Do you have talented blind technicians who are searching for an accessible way to remotely access computers that don’t have assistive technology installed? The economic climate is prompting a lot of desperate questions. Serotek has answers. ##What is the Remote Incident Manager? (RIM) The Remote Incident Manager is the perfect accessible tool for field technical support and training. Technicians can: • Remotely connect to a computer anywhere in the globe; • Provide real-time technical support, troubleshooting, and training; • hear exactly what is spoken on the end user’s computer; • interact seamlessly with the assistive technology the end user has installed; and • harness the power of voice over IP for instant communication between user and trainer; The technician and the user work together in a shared session, so each person can see exactly what the other is doing. With RIM, technicians can troubleshoot and train on a variety of assistive technologies, including Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Magic, ZoomText, JAWS, Window-Eyes, NVDA and more. Technicians can also accessibly assist those who have no assistive technology installed. ##What’s the cost? The Remote Incident Manager normally sells for $99 per month or $999 per year, with a $199 setup fee. Now through March 30, you can purchase this incredible remote access tool with a setup fee of $99, and a cost of only $599 per year, or $59.95 per month. This is nearly half the normal cost of the product. You must own System Access in order to use the Remote Incident Manager. Don’t yet have System Access? [Purchase it outright](, or [sign up for the Accessibility Anywhere package](, including System Access, DocuScan Plus for PC and Mac, and SAMNet, our renowned internet community which can be accessed from your PC or through our [iBlink Radio app]( on your iDevice. Ready to get started with RIM? You can sign up right from the "my account" section of your existing Serotek software, or [click here to order.]( Want to know how RIM works? Read the [RIM getting started guide.]( If you have questions or would like more information, our enterprise department is happy to help. Call us at (612) 246-4818, or send an email to .


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