Consumer Tip: Protect Yourself from Bill Shock

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The diagnosis is grim. Approximately 30 million Americans suffer from an epidemic known as bill shock. Victims report symptoms of suspicious fees, unauthorized charges, and prolonged headaches brought on by confusing jargon. Discussing the symptoms via phone is a lengthy appointment, but early termination triggers a different condition known simply as broke.

Remedies abound, but the simplest cures could include some of the following: early warning signs of monthly limits, a good dose of roaming alerts, emergency procedures to control excessive usage, and it should all be provided at the premium rate of free. After all, if the Europeans did it, we can do it better.

It’s time to pull the plug on these deceptive practices. We don’t know if it’s what the good doctor would recommend, but it’s most certainly what the wallet ordered!

The industry may or may not immediately get its act together, regardless of the recent FCC ruling. Keep a close eye on your phone bills. We here at Serotek love talking technology, but what we love even more is saving you money.

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