DocuScan Plus Will not be Fooled!

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You might remember Brad Dunse from his contributions over on the SeroTalk blog. He’s got a knack with the words, and when we received the following email from him, we thought it worth asking for permission to reprint it here. He agreed, and so here you are, proof positive that DSP really is everything it’s cracked up to be, from the words of one satisfied customer.

Here’s Brad:

Even a cell pic of an old photo copy can’t fool DocuScan Plus

I run two businesses, three when I’m doing my musician thing. And, I like being independent.

On top of that, I volunteer for a state committee.

Recently, one committee member forwarded a PDF to some of us blind folk to look at before a meeting.

Here’s the exact exchange that went on.

Check it out.

Begin paste:

Do you have another format for the form. JAWS reads it as a 'blank document'.


Did you have the same issue?

Thanks Tim”

Dan’s reply:


Unfortunately we were never given electronic copies as the limits were always subject to change, so this is a cell phone picture of a photo copy from several
years ago.”

End paste.

You know what I did?

I took that old slop of a cell pic.

Put it through DocuScan Plus, and emailed to those fellas.

Can you believe it?

A crooked cell phone pic, of an old photocopy, from years ago, that Jaws wouldn’t read…

And which, one might think a $1,600 OCR software package was needed to crack the meat out of this one.


Just the teeny-weenie little software package that packs a friggin’ wallop: DocuScan Plus.

I just ignore the Adobe Reader updates
Have for years.

Don’t need it.

And I’ve given up on that screen reader that is supposed to do OCR.

Their line formatting is off. Words are jumbled. And it doesn’t create headers or links from the text either like DocuScan Plus does.

Bah. Don’t need it.

And we’re not even talking about the ability to download BookShare books Johnny-on-the-spot and start reading. Create RTF files from PDFs. Make Daisy books.
Create MP3 files of whatever book or PDF.

No. I’ll take my little
DocuScan Plus,
and it’s little price straight to the bank of blindness independence.

It’s an investment in me.


Did Brad's testimonial convince you yet? Check it out now for yourself!

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