Blindfold Racer Championship 2016: A National Audio Gaming Tournament for The Blind and Visually Impaired

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From time to time we like to bring you items of interest outside of the Serotek community. This is one such opportunity we thought you might find worth looking into:

Project Starfish, a not for profit organization that provides persons with disabilities an opportunity to launch their careers, and Blindfold Games, a company founded by iOS developer Marty Schultz with a mission of providing a wide variety of audio games for the Blind and visually impaired, have come together to launch the first ever national gaming tournament for those who love audio games.

Why have a national Blindfold Racer Championship?

Project Starfish and Blindfold Games believe that visually impaired people who enjoy playing games deserve the same opportunity as their sighted counterparts. With this in mind, these two remarkable organizations are bringing audio gaming to the attention of the mainstream and the visually impaired community. Surprisingly, 90% of people with a visual impairment do not even know that Blindfold Games exist; and thus, do not know that they have the same opportunity to play many of the games that their sighted friends and family play each and every day.

How Did This Tournament Come Together?

Marty Schultz has more than 45 terrific games that he offers; including, Blindfold Sudoku, Video Poker, Solitaire, Hopper, Bowling, Bingo, Spin and Solve, Blindfold RS Games, and many more. He wanted to bring these games to the attention of everyone. He could run ads, write articles, and give interviews, but where’s the fun in that? He decided to hold a national tournament featuring his signature game, Blindfold Racer. This of course would prove to be a major undertaking in which Marty soon realized that he would need help. Fortunately for Marty, collaboration came in the form of Subhashish Acharya ( a.k.a. Subs), the founder of Project Starfish, an organization that has many skilled individuals who are gaining practical job experience by working on a variety of projects. Project Starfish, working hand in hand with Marty, is proud to present National Blindfold Racer Championship 2016 Tournament: The first of its kind.

What Is Blindfold Racer Championship 2016, And How Do I Compete?

Blindfold Racer Championship 2016. Equal Access, Equal Fun - Equal Play for Everyone
In our mission to give gamers everywhere equal access to an intense, high energy, adrenaline rush: Project Starfish and have joined forces to level the playing ground.
Registration and Practice Time: September 1 to 29, 2016

  1. Register here.
  2. Join our Facebook Group: Blindfold Racer Championship 2016
  3. Or, follow us on Twitter @BlindfoldRacer

Once you register, you’ll receive an email with game download instructions and detailed contest rules. When you join our Facebook Group or follow us on Twitter, you’ll earn a $1.00 in credit towards the purchase of other Blindfold Games.
And for each friend you invite to the Championship, both you and your friend earn another $1 credit of Blindfold Games credit, up to $25.00.

  • Official Game Time: September 30 to October 16, 2016
  • Email us:
  • Call us: 781-262-0520

Contest is open to visually impaired and sighted people of all ages, from the United States and other countries.


The Tournament begins on Friday September 30 and runs until Sunday October 16. You have until September 29 to practice for the big event. After you register at, you should download the app from the app store and begin preparing because there are 65 levels to the game which get progressively more difficult as you proceed. Individuals compete in all 50 states, followed by regions, and then a national final will wrap it up. Along the way, winners of each level will receive prizes and bragging rights. We hope that everyone who enjoys audio games comes together during this tournament and has a wonderful time. Here is the link to download the game and begin practicing:

“Hands on the phone, eyes off the road! Drive, Speed, win BLINDFOLD!!”

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