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Serotek's iBlink Radio app has been the place to find information, entertainment, news and great commentary about the world around us since 2009. If content is king, it could be said iBlink Radio remains the undisputed ruler.

Grab your choice of tablet or phone, this free application, and you’ve got literally thousands of hours of audio for everyone on iOS or Android. So much to hear, so much to explore. The app serves as one stop shopping for Blindness and Low Vision centered podcasts, as well as an astounding array of content from radio reading services across the country.

Radio Reading Services have always been an essential part of iBlink Radio, and Serotek’s partnership with the International Association of Audio Information Services (IAAIS) has been beneficial to thousands of blind and visually impaired listeners. Serotek, as a member of IAAIS, has offered its award-winning SeroTalk podcast for syndication in a radio-friendly format since 2010. The success of this syndication, and the request for more content from the SeroTalk Podcast Network (SPN), has culminated in the creation of SPN Weekly.

SPN Weekly will consist of 54 to 57-minute shows containing highlights from the SeroTalk Podcast Network’s five podcasts, some original content, and exclusive series found only on the radio reading service. This program will be available beginning this month to IAAIS members, and will be located in the “program share” area of the IAAIS member’s web site.

To learn more about SeroTalk weekly, you may contact Serotek’s content director, Jamie Pauls, by sending an email to content (at)

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