Accessibility Anywhere Turns One

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July 1 marks one year since Serotek unveiled its most ambitious disruption to the assistive technology market. Other companies develop singular products and pitch them to the consumer base as standalone products. Well, we do the same, because we understand you want to choose what goes into your toolbox, but we also understand the limits on your wallet. Unlike our fellow peers, we do something about it.

So our team went to the drawing board. Reliable screen reader? Check. Outstanding document scanner? Check. Instant access to information and entertainment? Check. System Access, DocuScan Plus, and SAMNet have each resonated with the community all on their own, but what if we wrapped these up into the never-before-seen price of $21.95 a month? Click here for all the details.

So, where are we as we raise our glass to celebrate the first birthday of this dynamic package?

Windows 8 Compatibility

“Well, duh,” you might think to yourself. “Everyone’s doing something with Windows 8.” Yet, the truth is Windows 7 is now the most popular operating system in the world. People are choosing to stay put rather than upgrade to the latest OS, and as a small company we could have chosen to use that justification to stay away from Windows 8 development. But, who are we to tell you what you can use?

Serotek is keeping with the times. Our products work great with the Live Tiles in the new Windows 8 Start Screen. It’s a breeze to navigate the new Windows App Store. And we’re already working hard on the update for the upcoming Windows 8.1, to be released later in 2013

SAMNet on iOS

We all know that SAMNet redefined the way you experience the growing world of communication, news, and entertainment. If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for? The iBlink Radio app and SAMNet integration on iOS lets you read your scanned DocuScan Plus documents without having to take up precious space on your iDevice. You can also browse and enjoy your media library on iOS or choose from other streams available in the Entertainment section of SAMNet, and you can bet iOS 7 will usher in some new and exciting new features.

New Socializer

What’s worse than juggling multiple passwords to log into multiple social networks? Oh, that’s right! Logging into those multiple websites and discovering the level of their accessibility has been rendered useless! Well, maybe that’s a tad exaggerated, but why place your accessibility trust on someone else who does not understand how vital it is? With our new Socializer, Facebook’s actually worth revisiting. Tweeting has been made simple with our user interface. Did we mention you can Skype call and chat all while snooping on your friends’ Facebook updates?

We did mention the price for all these features, right? $21.95 a month? $240 a year? We dare you to find a system that delivers comparable entertainment and productivity all from the comfort of one convenient package. It’s technology the way it was meant to be enjoyed in the 2.0 era of on-the-go. You subscribe for as long as you need. Cancel anytime, and if you want to own the products outright, we’ve got you covered.

So here’s to you, Accessibility Anywhere. One year later we’re stronger than ever, and the best is yet to come!

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