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If you haven’t signed up for our Serotek Ambassador’s Club, what’s the holdup? It’s the perfect way to sell the products you already use and love and earn cash while you’re at it. Call us crazy, but that sounds eerily like a win/win for everyone involved. Click on over to the S A C page for all the detes.

If you’ve already jumped in, our very own Lisa Salinger from the SeroTalk Podcast Network has produced a tutorial to help maximize your experience. Learn what to avoid, keeping records, and other concrete tips to make your time in the Club that much more enjoyable. Download the presentation and then head on over to the exclusive S A C forum to swap ideas on winning strategies.

While we’re on the subject of tutorials, don’t forget about our growing repository of frequently asked questions. We’re also adding more audio to our support page, and the user forums on SAMNet are always hopping with tips and tricks. In other words, you have a growing range of tools and resources to be a star Ambassador.

Questions? Hit us up in the comments, drop us a line, or give us a ring: 1-866-202-0520.

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