A Fresh Season of Updates

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Hello everyone,

Fall is in the air. The leaves are changing, it’s growing colder outside, and for whatever reason the combination of it all seems to prompt tech companies to release major updates to their products. I suppose curling up by the fire and downloading a new operating system for your device is one way to usher in a new season.

Over the past month we’ve seen major updates including Apple’s iOS 7 and Mavericks, Microsoft’s update for Windows 8.1, as well as an announcement for a new version of Android by the end of October. As a cross-platform company with products running on each of these operating systems, Serotek has kept busy making sure everything is working perfectly with each of the new updates on the day those updates are released. With all that, we still managed to find some time to add a few features to our own products, and the good news for you is that we’ll keep on adding features and enhancements year round.

Here’s just a little of what we’ve done in the past month.

  • We’ve made it easier for you to tell your friends about Serotek products and services, and make a little money in the process.
  • We’ve further enhanced the Serotek Socializer, adding Skypeout support, and we tweaked a few things to make Twitter and instant messaging better.
  • We added a feature to automatically unmute your sound device if it was muted accidentally.
  • We improved the way we handle announcement of phonetics.
  • We enhanced our support for Audible Manager.

All these enhancements and more have come as a direct result of the feedback this community provides to us. When we tell you we’re listening to what you have to say, we mean it. In my first blog post, I made a promise to this community that I would examine ways to make your experience with Serotek as easy and stream-lined as possible.

One of the first things I took a look at was our software installation process. You’ve always been able to open Internet Explorer and visit SAToGo.com, where you would immediately hear spoken feedback about how to run the software, set up a trial, install it on your hard drive, and so on. This method works quite well, but it isn’t the ideal solution for all people, or all scenarios. In your feedback, many of you shared that you’d like to see a more traditional method of installing Serotek software, in addition to the method on SAToGo that’s already in place. You asked, and now we’ve delivered.

Now you can download a single package containing everything you need to get up and running with System Access, SAMNet And DocuScan Plus. You can run the installer immediately, or save it for later use. The installer will always check for new updates when it is run, so you won’t have to worry about installing something that’s out of date. You’ll have speech and Braille support as soon as the installer is launched, or you can choose to keep your current screen reader running during the installation process. Once the installer runs, you’ll be prompted to log in to an existing account, create a new account, or you can even purchase products and services right after the installer finishes. To check it out, visit our software downloads page to grab a copy of the installer.

If you prefer to install your software from SAToGo, that method of installation is still available to you as well.

To those of you who comment on the blog, or write to me personally, or share your opinions with our fantastic Serotek team, I express my heartfelt appreciation. We’ve started with something great, and we’re making it better and better every day, thanks to you. If you’ve got something to say and have been hesitant to step forward and share your thoughts, why not do so now. Comment on the blog or send me an email at CEO at serotek.com. We’re changing the world. Come and change it with us!

Yours in service,

Michael Fox

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