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The Court of Public Opinion is Not the Last Resort

As a blind computer user, what did you do the last time you visited a site that was not accessible? Did you switch screen readers or web browsers and hope for the best? Did you get frustrated, send out an angry tweet and forget about it, or did you maybe send an e-mail to the company asking them to make the site more inclusive to all visitors?

Should Serotek Start a Newsletter?

Serotek? Newsletter? What gives! Serotek is a company that has always prided itself on breaking out of the traditional mold. Our corporate culture encourages things like hilarious April Fool's posts like like GTO or the notetaker that just got bigger, and instances where employees offer software trial resets for everyone while the boss is too soused on margaritas to stop them.

Real-time one-on-one training and support with RIM

Is your travel budget continuing to shrink? Is this getting in your way of providing top-notch training and technical support? Do you have talented blind technicians who are searching for an accessible way to remotely access computers that don’t have assistive technology installed? The economic climate is prompting a lot of desperate questions. Serotek has answers. ##What is the Remote Incident Manager? (RIM) The Remote Incident Manager is the perfect accessible tool for field technical support and training. Technicians can: • Remotely connect to a computer anywhere in the globe;

Serotek at CSUN 2013

[The 28th Annual CSUN International Technology and Disabilities Conference]( will take place from February 25 through March 2 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel in San Diego, CA. If you’ll be at the conference this year and are wondering which sessions to attend, why not catch these spectacular Serotek presentations: