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Serotek And SPN at this year’s Summer conventions

There’s a lot to be excited for at this year’s NFB and ACB summer conventions, and whether you’re jetting off to Orlando or Vegas to enjoy them in person or you’re experiencing them from the comfort of your own home, Serotek and SPN have got you covered.

Working in Partnerships to Better Serve You

Partnership and collaboration are terms more commonly associated with social causes. Two nonprofit organizations get together, combine their efforts, and deliver better services for their beneficiaries, but at Serotek, a for-profit venture, we’re in the business of working with partners inside and outside of the assistive technology industry to provide you with awesome opportunities.

Will We See You at CSUN?

Join our very own Ricky Enger and Joe Steinkamp at this year’s CSUN! In addition to the thorough coverage you have come to love and expect, Ricky and Joe will be making two presentations you will not want to miss.

Crowd-sourcing as an Effective Development Strategy in Assistive Technology

Wednesday March 19 - 1:50 PM

Presenting: Joe Steinkamp and Ricky Enger

Location: Torrey Hills AB, 3rd Floor
Seaport Tower

A Word to Ambassadors

If you haven’t signed up for our Serotek Ambassador’s Club, what’s the holdup? It’s the perfect way to sell the products you already use and love and earn cash while you’re at it. Call us crazy, but that sounds eerily like a win/win for everyone involved. Click on over to the S A C page for all the detes.

A Toast to GW Micro

Serotek raises a glass in celebration of GW Micro’s latest achievement. The recently announced partnership between gW Micro and Microsoft marks the beginning of a new chapter in assistive technology history, and the team at Serotek applauds a huge step forward that can only bring positive benefits to the blind consumer.

In it to Win it: The Easiest Contest you’ll ever enter!

If you’re a current SAMNet or Accessibility Anywhere subscriber, you surely already feel like a winner. But what if your membership in the SAMNet community could be made even better, with a chance to win free stuff?

Seasons Greetings From Your Serotek Family

At Serotek, accessibility is our bread and butter. When we jumpstarted this operation in 2002, we came to the table with our own approach to the well-known issue of expensive assistive technology. We were on fire, and never mind that all odds were stacked against us. By conventional standards Serotek Corporation should have collapsed after the first year, not just because this is true of more than 50% of all companies, but because we were the little fish swimming in a small pond with large sharks.

Connecting The Community Open House

The Lighthouse of San Antonio Presents
Connecting The Community Open House

Wednesday , January  22
11:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Location: San Antonio Lighthouse
310 Eads Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78210

Ringing in the Holidays with a Special Promotion!

Nothing kicks off the holiday season like Thanksgiving. Think about it: food, football, door buster deals, parades and plenty of justification for the Christmas decorations you never took down! Well, this year, Serotek is going to add one more bonus to make the gateway holiday even more memorable than usual.

Perhaps we should have come up with a cool marketing name for this special deal. But then, what do you call fourteen days of free, unfiltered, use all you can, where ever you want, whenever you want access to all of our Serotek consumer products?

A Fresh Season of Updates

Hello everyone,

Fall is in the air. The leaves are changing, it’s growing colder outside, and for whatever reason the combination of it all seems to prompt tech companies to release major updates to their products. I suppose curling up by the fire and downloading a new operating system for your device is one way to usher in a new season.