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Serotek Corporation is a web services company that specializes in providing information, entertainment and accessible services to the Blind and Low vision Communities. Since 2002 Serotek has expanded services beyond the desktop to become one of the only multiplatform developers in the Assistive Technology industry. Original and aggregated content is accessed by thousands of Users daily from our Windows, Android, Apple iOS and Mac based applications via the SeroTalk Podcast Network (SPN).

What Sets Us Apart?

Serotek is strategically positioned to help you reach vast audiences through a diverse collection of delivery channels. Unlike other podcast services, we do not limit broadcasts to singular performances downloadable from a single website. Rather, we work within a rapidly expanding network of websites, mobile apps, Internet radio, and social platforms to ensure we meet the user in her environment of choice.

Our handpicked shop of veteran voice actors, audio engineers, and copywriters know how to leverage talents and technology to influence IT professionals, entrepreneurs and key household decision makers. Using our combination of NPR-style spoken advertising, banner ads, and clickable links, we will get your message across to our listeners.

Who are your listeners?

An SPN sponsorship gets your message into the ears, eyes and hands of a committed listener base. The average SPN listener is:

  • technically-savvy; and
  • statistically very likely to make online purchases.

Our thriving community of curious undergrads, young professionals, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and teachers of blind students, app developers, and the sighted public has found our extensive coverage more than compelling for key buying decisions. Our listeners are independent thinkers and consistently pick us from thousands of other free to subscribe podcasts out there. They subscribe to our shows in iTunes, listen on a website, or use popular mainstream apps like Stitcher and Downcast.

What are your distribution platforms?

The SeroTalk Podcast Network allows ad sponsors to reach greater flexibility and exposure. Ads generate longer run times, as many of these options are available on 24-hour on-demand delivery systems. Audio advertising, direct links, full-page ads, and a full range of sponsorships are available through a combination of the platforms below. Please see ourRate Sheet for pricing.

iBlink Radio is a free app on the Android Market and iOS App Store providing access to global radio stations, podcasts and national reading services of special interest to the blind and vision-impaired. iBlink Radio was inducted into the highly acclaimed AppleVis App Hall of Fame in December 2011. Between the two platforms, the app has been downloaded by more than 20,000 users.

System Access Mobile Network (SAMNet) is Serotek's renowned Internet communication portal that delivers the most complete content ever assembled for the blind. With email, news, blogs, podcasts, streaming radio, described video service for thousands of movies, instant messaging and more, blind users have access to a new world of communications right at their fingertips. As of December 15, 2011, Serotek has granted a lifetime subscription to all blind veterans.

SAMNet Radio is a 24-hour All Talk streaming radio channel which features past episodes of previous shows from our SeroTalk Podcast Network as well as coverage of major conventions and trade shows of interest to our global audience. is the central repository of SeroTalk podcasts, show notes, blog entries, and breaking technology news. The site draws thousands of unique hits a month from a diverse audience of students, teachers, professionals in the blindness field, and technology aficionados.

Our podcasts, blogs, and RSS feeds enjoy a commanding presence on social media. Our information is often retweeted by both followers and non-followers of our accounts to Facebook, LinkedIn and other integrated services. We are seen as a “tastemaker” for product reviews and insights.

On Twitter alone we are rapidly approaching 15,000 followers across targeted accounts. Our constant interaction on such platforms has led to a consistent average of 50,000 downloads across our six shows. With a growing base of followers across all accounts, rest assured our endorsement influences a large and untapped audience across the country and around the world.

SPN on the Road

Ricky Enger, on right, Dave Wilkinson, middle, and Big E, the robot on the left of the picture, begin their talk at CSUN 2014

SPN listeners have grown accustomed to on-the-ground coverage of key events and trade shows of interest to blind consumers. On-air personalities attend CSUN, the NFB and ACB national conventions as well as a number of state and local trade shows, seminars, and conferences. Your product or service can be featured during these peak periods at competitive rates. Our interview spots are professionally conducted and produced with the same polish standards we demand of our own broadcasts.

Check our Events page for information on upcoming appearances.

Watch us in action!

Insight Expo 2014: Joe Steinkamp, Keynote Speaker
Watch the video here.

Insight Expo 2014: Assistive Technology Vendor Panel Workshop
Watch the video here.

Ricky Enger, on right, and joe Steinkamp, on left of picture, provide a discussion on Serotek’s success at crowd sourcing projects at CSUN 2014.

How much will it cost to advertise?

The answer depends on your budget and ability to invest in high-impact campaigns. A short ad run on a single podcast will yield a minimal returns. Longer ad campaigns on multiple platforms will deliver a stronger bang for the buck. Serotek has created a number of sponsorship packages and individual options to help you maximize your marketing.

Calling All Blind and Visually Impaired Entrepreneurs!

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Please note this is a special offer independent of our traditional advertisement options.

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