Accessibility Anywhere

The Accessibility Anywhere package pulls on three popular productivity apps and a new communications interface to deliver optimal access and entertainment. Subscribers enjoy the text recognition precision of DocuScan Plus, the intuitive design of System Access, and the rich content and features of Sero at a low monthly, or annual, subscription fee that is unmatched in the assistive technology industry. And, current subscribers can now look forward to Socializer, a social networking dashboard that combines today’s most popular communication platforms in the same intuitive interface you have come to expect of Serotek products.

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Package Highlights

  • Log into and fully participate on Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Google Talk and other popular social nets from one location.
  • Log on to and interact with any Windows PC using your own customized settings.
  • Scan important documents and read them from a remote location in the format of your choice
  • Access your home computer to retrieve forgotten files
  • Read, write and send e-mail with a simple interface
  • Enjoy Windows and Mac cross platform access for optimal flexibility.
  • Rely on elite technical support to resolve issues on the go

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Package Description

Accessibility Anywhere is the perfect toolkit for a balanced life of work and play on your Windows machine, Mac and iOS devices. Pick and choose from the growing features of a screen reader, an OCR app, and a combined social network and multimedia library to stay on top of your job and special interests no matter where you are.


The socializer allows you to communicate with family members, friends, fellow-students, coworkers, and other Sero users. You can send and receive instant messages through Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, (also referred to as AIM), Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk, and Jabber.

But that's not all! You can send and receive both text and voice messages through Skype, as well as with any other user of Sero; subject to their approval, of course. You can read and respond to messages in the Serotek Users Forum. Socializer also provides simple yet powerful access to Facebook and Twitter. No longer do you need to install and use multiple software programs, or login to multiple Web sites to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues. The socializer lets you communicate with any or all of these entities from one easy-to-use interface.

Since we're giving you the kitchen sink for an unbelievably low rate, if you're not yet subscribed, shouldn't you consider changing that?

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System Access

System Access gives you full access to the Windows environment without the high cost and complexity of a conventional screen reader. With minimal training you can harness the power of a growing list of popular applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Adobe Reader, Skype, and Audacity. System Access comes loaded with a Remote Training and Support feature to facilitate point to point collaboration. Best of all, System Access is mobile so your screen reader can ride along in your pocket for instant access on any computer running Windows XP or later.


Sero is Serotek's renowned Internet communication portal that delivers the most complete content ever assembled for the blind. With email, news, blogs, podcasts, streaming radio, instant messaging and more, you too can have access to a new world of communications right at your fingertips. Act now to start expanding your online community with Sero users around the globe!

DocuScan Plus

DocuScan Plus is the most competitively priced OCR application in the assistive technology market. Your subscription includes an application that makes it easy to scan, read, save, and email printed material and PDF documents. You can also convert your documents to DAISY, MP3, braille, or large print, or even send them to your Amazon Kindle.

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What Customers Say

"I first learned about System Access when it was still Freedom Box. Steve Sawczyn, an assistive technology specialist showed it to me, and within an hour of starting to use it, I emailed him and told him, "I definitely need this." It has been the best program I've ever had, and I've used quite a few. It has opened up a whole new world. For me, the most important thing about Sero is community. I think without that community, my life would be so different. I love having the chance to chat with people in the forums, listen to my music or Sero's audio content, and so much more. If I have a problem, and there's something I can't fix on my own, I really like the fact that someone can connect remotely to my computer and take care of it."--Tim Brand

"Hello! My name is Warren Wallace. I recently purchased Docu Scan Plus. I used it to read a PDF document which I downloaded. I found the program vary easy to use, and I would reccomend this system to anyone who happens to have a visual impairment."--Warran Wallace

“$21.95 a month for three big products like that? I thought you were joking. Nothing that good ever costs so little. I almost feel guilty for stealing from you.”--Jay Miller


Accessibility Anywhere is a software as a service package, meaning your access to the service is active for as long as you choose to subscribe. Pay $21.95 per month, or $240 a year, to connect with the largest assembly of products custom-built for the blind and visually impaired.

Consider this: How much will you get for $21.99 these days? Well, you may score a Friday night date to the movie theater if you skip refreshments. You could swing a nice dinner if the restaurant is not too nice and your date agrees to go Dutch. You could maybe buy a gift online for that special occasion, if free shipping is included. These days it seems our transactions are ruled by conditions, but at Serotek, we are going to give you the kitchen sink without sacrifices, fine print, or complicated terms and conditions.

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